2018 remains historic year in view of tourist arrival

Kathmandu –  The year 2018 has been proved a historic one in view of the promotion of domestic tourism as over one million foreign tourists, the ever highest number, visited Nepal in this period, sending a wave of new hope and encouragement to the tourism industry.

The creation of conducive environment for the tourist arrivals is accredited for the increase in the number of foreign tourist arrivals. In the previous year, this figure was around one million while 753,000 tourists visited Nepal in 2016. 

The NTB believed that the promotional programmes organised in China and India targeting Nepal’s tourism helped attract more tourists this year to home. Besides, the contribution of domestic tourists could not be ignored to the escalation of the entire tourism business. The tour and expedition culture is being developed among the Nepalis.
Lately, several new tourist destinations have been identified and people are being encouraged for visits. The government has identified 100 touristic destinations and announced for their promotions.
The government has declared to celebrate the year 2020 as the Nepal Visit Year with the target of bringing in two million tourists.

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